Advertising Week Wrap-Up A.K.A. #AW8 

by joedoran 10/11/11

Wow!  So many articles, posts, opinions and announcements over the last few weeks between OMMA Global and of course Advertising Week that our heads are spinning. And spinning in a great way. Marketing is changing along with the social revolution and it is all good — no, it is actually great.  But don’t take our word for it, here are just a few of the notable posts and articles and our thoughts on them.

Native Monetization via Fred Wilson @fredwilson at AVC (

If you haven’t seen the talk - watch it.  

Video streaming by Ustream

We are true believers!  As we have said many time and for a long time, The Content is the Ad!  Read our blog post on this if you want more - we also did a blog post on Fred’s video here.  He touted (yes I did) numbers like Facebook Sponsored Stories getting 46% more clicks than regular ads and improved engagement on promoted tweets on Twitter and promoted videos on YouTube. The gist is that  your ads have to deliver value — not just offers.  The consumers want to be entertained or informed and it has to be done in the context of the environment they are in.  So we say “Keep preaching the Good News, Fred!”

Storytelling via Randall Rothenberg from the IAB. (HuffPo article.)  

Since the IAB MIXX theme was Storytelling, Randy Rothenberg had to toe the line it but man did this pitch play for the advertisers and the publishers. The big technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all telling the story of their medium being a “Storytelling Medium” and I for one am a big believer.  The opportunity for marketers to get in there and tell their brand story in a paid and organic way has never been better. The platforms for telling your story and having others tell the story with you through video, pictures and comments has never been stronger.  This is a great opportunity for all brands. Randy points to a comment from Jonathan Mildenhall, vice president of global advertising strategy and content excellence at The Coca-Cola Company, after his MIXX keynote: it’s not the products that get recalled, it’s the stories around the products. We very much agree.  We talked about emotive stories around Ragu this summer in our blog here.

Facebook’s New Products For Marketers

Facebook unveiled their strategy that centered on the “storytelling”.  Mashable called the strategy Brilliant. They are still a little heavy on the paid ads part and in my opinion overweigh the pages.  Heck every one knows that all your time is spent in the newsfeed.  The newsfeed and the stream matter more now than ever before.  A recent study revealed that you are 156X more likely to see a brands newsfeed post than their page. Hello Marketers — wake up to where the consumer really is.  But Sheryl and Carolyn gave very powerful talks on how Facebook is changing how marketers tell their stories and I am once again a huge believer.  There is a clear path for marketers to bring together owned, earned and paid media in a way that delivers clear value for consumers and for the network owner (Facebook and Twitter in particular).  

It’s also worth noting that the technology companies continue to drive change in the overall consumer experience.  Facebook has the new look and soon new profile pages.  And figuring out how to bust through EdgeRank is getting harder and harder for companies. And I am sure that Twitter isn’t too far behind with their technology to help consumers curate their streams. Brands need tools to help them figure out how to play in this world. We are all about bringing the technolgoy to help brands have their stories break through. We wrote about the Rise of the Machines in Social Media as well as Do you need to Pass the Turing Test to Tweet.  Our take? Machines won’t replace humans in social media, but they can sure help the humans optimize their efforts.  

This is just a small sampling of the top threads hitting marketers over the last couple weeks.  When we think about this revolution of story telling for marketers and specifically in Social Media, I think of a quote from Winston Churchill after the British victory at the Second Battle of El Alamein in November 1942: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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